RIYL: neo-classical

Label: entrail

100 Years Remaining is a melancholic meditation on a funeral procession that has yet to happen. At least that’s how I take it. The electric guitar is plucked frenetically for the notes to float and then sway to and fro before the hitting the sonic floor. In “Dies Irae + Somniloquy,” this synthesizer a la Barry De Vorzon splashes its grimy colors on the background of this canvas. In “Lesser Cruelty,” this urgency infects the track from the jump and then dies out to give way to this almost deadpan vocal delivery “Show me lesser forms of cruelty” she goes on to end and then it gradually evolves in this wordless death chant/wail. The song ends how it begins with the cry of the strings scratched up in low fidelity – almost as if cardiac arrest will ensue. The succeeding track, “The Fog,” over this bass thump croons “Art is the enemy.” Take that how you wish. “Ache” and “As Our Bodies Die” cap off the misery-filled romp. If you want to feel, this is a nice choice. Listen to 100 Years Remaining on the Bandcamp stream below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

recorded and mixed by sina at black fire audio
mastered by dynamic sound service
all music and lyrics by entrail

Price $6

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