RIYL: the desert, mixtapes

Label: Boomarm Nation

“Die before you die” – something you can ponder the meaning of endlessly as the word “death” can be applicable to numerous facets of your life. To take some unintentionally sagely words, and perhaps minorly mangle them, from the Epsilon Program cult leader Cris Formage, “we have all lived and died many times.” This election, for some of you, perhaps caused death not in a physical sense but figuratively. Die Before You Die is a dream-like mixtape consisting of Arabic chants, songs, raps (you read that right) and takes you to a sweltering desert away from the cold front that’s overtaken the air outside. In totality, if you don’t speak Arabic, this feels quite disorienting and another disorienting characteristic of this is the fact that there’s no tracklist to accompany this due to “exclusivity.” El Mahdy Jr.’s taste is impeccable and gives you a glimpse in to a musical realm you might not often think about. Listen to Die Before You Die below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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