RIYL: soiling your pants

Label: Cruel Nature Records

Just like there’s scary movies, there’s scary music. Maybe you’re always fiending to get scared, or maybe you only look to horror out of boredom with your usual fare. Druuna Jaguar and Phantasm Nocturnes’ Speculative Realism will make you soil your pants from the get-go with the intro track “Speculative Annihilation.” You hear screams of pain being drowned out by the behemoth of drone and distortion encompassing the track. However, in the synopsis, the duo points out that “Noise is happiness. Death is freedom.” – words of true nihilists.

To tell you the truth, while I was initially taken aback, I started smiling while listening to this because I hadn’t heard something this bone-jarring in a while. I can only imagine gloriously experiencing this in a live setting as listening to it again for the first time with the other elements introduced – like the possibility of going deaf. It has its lulls and it has its fever pitched moments. If you want drone with the taste of battery acid, you’ve come to the right place. Listen to Speculative Realism below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

The album Speculative Realism is a collaboration between Portuguese noise/experimental artist Druuna Jaguar and American noise/dark ambient artist Phantasm Nocturnes that is best described as Noise music swallowed by strangeness. A new reality entering the void of existence – a horror reality. The boundaries of the surreal and the beyond explored near the very limit of sound. Pitch black spectres gazing from the other side of our audio extreme. All the new corpses collapsing the sacred symbols of death. All the invisible shadows vanishing into dark matter. The speculative horror and its singular ability to communicate the unknown through music. The inevitable extinction of mankind and the idea that we will someday cease to exist as the very notion that will set us free. Noise is happiness. Death is freedom
released March 5, 2016

Price $7.11

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