RIYL: Dr. Sleep

Label: Fort Evil Fruit

You’ll notice on Bandcamp, Fort Evil Fruit has this solely tagged as “rock” and… yeah, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Delphine Dora’s L’au-delà is putting the “evil” back in to Fort Evil Fruit, kiddies. Delphine Dora utilizes many an instrument to construct her creepy dilapidated manor, which is, of course, secluded in the French countryside. Dora’s manor has enough foundational cracks that it looks as if someone was, more or less, attempting to replicate the human cardiovascular system. There are weeds growing out of any available pore life can set up shop in and there’s a horde of cats rolling around on the porch. What would’ve been a disarming, yet vomit-inducing, pink has been chipping away from negligence and has just rendered the place all the more foreboding. There may or may not be cameos moving around in the shattered, yet frosted, windows as you gaze upon the remains of splendor. Imagine Olga Gorecky, but with no respite from the fright. Listen to L’au-delà below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!


The Details

FEF 42
released November 23, 2015

Piano, vocals, organ, synth, effects, samples: Delphine Dora
All tracks composed, recorded, mixed by Delphine Dora
during 2014 - 2015

Price $5.63

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