RIYL: spoken word

Label: Fort Evil Fruit

At press time I think I may have finally torn off the last progeny from Fort Evil Fruit but as with all devilish plants, this tree will bear more fruit provided it’s given adequate water, care and the blood of goats. Mother To No Swimming Laughing Child is a spoken (whispered) word project touching upon the topics as sexual abuse and escapism (which could very well be interpreted as suicidal meditation). Claire Potter provides the voice to these strange, venereal, lyrics and Bridget Hayden provides the backing drone, and eerie noises, that can grate on the ears like sand paper. At times, you’ll find yourself arrested as Potter lends life to these accounts in graphic detail (whether they’re personal or not isn’t specified on the site at the moment). Operating off a premise of ignorance, some of the pieces make you wonder whether these characters Potter plays are infused with her own experiences. Perhaps the blurring of real life and fiction, an amalgam of which the lines cannot be clearly determined within this piece, is one of the greatest signifiers and highest notes of worthwhile art. Listen to Mother To No Swimming Laughing Child below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released February 24, 2015

Extracts from Mental Furniture (VerySmallKitchen, 2014) written and performed by Claire Potter

Production and additional sounds by Bridget Hayden
tags: rock experimental noise sound poetry spoken word Ireland

Price $5.6

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