RIYL: Dylan Carlson, Josh T. Pearson, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Label: Ilk Ither

Bent Folk, led by Dick Whyte, is a New Zealand fringe folk project specializing in sprawling acoustic experiments reminiscent of early Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Josh T. Pearson.  Bursting with tension and melancholy, these songs are soaked with the blood of the desolate country, the abandoned industry, our internal wars.  Whyte’s vocals are impossible to ignore, and married with Alison Studens’ organ drone and Bent Folk’s tear-tinged acoustic minor chord melodies, expect nothing less than your ears to be reduced to a pile of embers when the music stops.  Absolutely essential listening.

These cassettes are incredibly limited and priced to move, so don’t expect them to be around for long.  Listen to all 3 of the epic soundscapes below and grab a copy of the tape after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

A limited edition cassette of the Bent Folk's new album "Why / Liar / Gone", with a whole bunch of bonus material on the second side (collecting the previous Bent Folk releases together in one place).
Get in quick cause these won't last for long.


Edition of 45

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Price $6.9

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