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Label: Reel Torque

Audint is comprised of Kode9 and Toby Heys, however Reel Torque says otherwise. In the strange synopsis, you’ll find details about Nguyen Van Phong – a product of the socialist Vietnamese government. Reel Torque Volume 32 is kind of unlistenable, and that’s the point. Both sides of the tape play host to music that’s supposed to interfere with whatever you’re doing. For a moment, you get to be a part of the backwards and sinister world of espionage and torture. The synopsis contains plenty of techno-babble, and the cassette boxset comes with 48000 euros worth of ghost money. Steve Goodman, aka Kode9, seems to have developed quite the fascination with China and its culture. If you’re not familiar with ghost money, it’s essentially fake money used for burnt offerings toward the dead. I don’t know who comes up with these synopses, and the packaging looks grand, but keep it up. Listen to a preview of the tapes by clicking the Buy Now link below. See what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Kode9 and Toby Heys return for the second of three cassette editions for the Reel Torque label, home to previous releases from Jamal Moss, Delroy Edwards, Powell, Raime, Jon K and others.

Audint’s secretive sonic research cell disclose two tranches of beguiling experiments by Vietnamese bioacoustics expert, computer programmer and financial strategist Nguyen Van Phong; one side of funeral rites and gong loops recorded c. 1955-1960 on his modified yin yang turntable, as well as one side of his early, algorithmic attempts c. 1972-1979 to forecast stock market data for his financial consultancy, IREX.

Serving to expand the project’s chronology both prior to, and post-, Magdalena Parker’s Reel Torque Vol.16: Recordings 1964-1972 (which sold out in less than 24 hours upon release in 2015) and after the Martial Hauntology (2014) LP, the 2nd instalment in the series focuses on Van Phong’s elaborate history of research into the methodological overlaps between occidental religion and innovative technology and, likewise, their synaesthetic, cybernetic and mystic applications in the field of phantom sonics.

Side A consists of two Inverse Rites and six Yin Yang Turntable pieces recorded between 1955-1960, both drawing on Van Phong’s studies at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology in the ‘50s, where he specialised in practical heterodyning techniques - processes in which simultaneous ultrasonic tones were harnessed to produce interference patterns.

Side B is where it gets very weird. In eight Channelling The Market tracks, realised between 1972-1979, Van Phong supplements his earliest experiments into the physiological effects of interference patterns on the 3rd Ear with knowledge of Korean brainwashing techniques deviously acquired at an academic conference in Shanghai, 1959.

Pro-printed prison tape housed in deluxe, hand-stamped manilla archive box with liner notes and a stack of ribbon-bound, bespoke-printed ghost money totalling approx. €48000. Limited edition of 128. No repress!!!

Price $28.21

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