RIYL: Grouper, early Her Space Holiday, Vestals, Natural Snow Buildings

Label: SØVN Records

Amelia Devoid’s Hypogeum is a dedication to the Water Protectors and just went up for pre-order. Unfortunately, there aren’t any tracks to preview at the moment but hopefully that changes soon. If you go check out Devoid’s Soundcloud and Bandcamp accounts, you’ll be able to peruse some of her tracks. On her Soundcloud, you’ll find tracks that resemble the mournful, subtly psychedelic lo-fi of Grouper and Vestals and on Bandcamp, you’ll find heavier use of synthesizers and the songs tend to be more spastic. It’s a bit difficult to tell what’ll be contained on this tape, as it’s tagged with “post-everything” and the synopsis is rather vague… I would assume that this would lean towards ambient, but this is merely conjecture and I could very well be proven wrong and soon. What we do know, however, is that this tape will come in a luxurious-looking wooden box. Hopefully we’ll be able to hear what’s on this soon.

The Details

Yes. Amelia’s real name is Devoid, a mysterious ancestral connection to the Native American tribes hunted into hiding in Vermont’s history, forced to change their identity to survive. In her mind, the words of Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco and The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman created a compulsion to communicate with metaphysical “dust” through computer programs. Music has long been a universal language of the transcendental. Classically trained in the choral tradition, Devoid was introduced to musical programming by her father, whose early passing in 2004 catalysed her interest in production.

The sounds of Hypogeum were inspired by underground culture and tribal resistance. The human timeline is strewn with subterranean enclaves and temples, where people gathered for protection in times of great war and natural disaster, or simply to pray. Devoid’s musical performances originated in the artist basements of Burlington, Vermont, secret safe spaces for free thinkers. Devoid recognizes that many people that gather underground are beings that have also explored the deep inner spaces of their mind. Devoid’s Hypogeum explores the “within, within” (a point of existence that bridges dimensions, allowing imagination to travel between worlds). Using the infinite plane of creation that is electronic production software, Devoid transmutes her voice and samples of sound from her daily life into songs with hypnotic drum rhythms and arpeggiations. Her computer becomes a hypogeum for contemplating meaning, bouncing sound off of digital “walls” instead of stone.
releases March 30, 2017

Thank you to Joseph Pensak and New City Galerie for the generous artist’s residency, where this album was composed and recorded. Love to Vincent Marksohn, Grace Weaver, Abigail Connolly and Dale Donaldson.

Hypogeum is dedicated to the Water Protectors. Mni Wiconi.

Mastered by Francesco Ameglio

Price $6.48

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