RIYL: death

Label: Always Human Tapes

Yellow Hyper Balls want you to think about death for about thirty minutes. Of course, you can think about it for longer if you so please. Think About Death is a thirty minute trial navigating through an existential crisis everyone on earth seems to go through once, if not multiple times in their life. Death is something I’m totally at peace with, so I don’t think about it. If you don’t have an answer, then you’re stuck in a neverending loop about the topic. Think About Death doesn’t have a formal tracklist, splitting the composition in to two sides. Throughout its run time, it never gives you time to breathe. It more or less constantly pulses and thrashes about in its waters until it closes with this high-pitched drone leaving your ears ringing with the thought of death or just jonesing for white noise. Listen to Think About Death below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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