RIYL: Chiptune Synthwave

Label: Data Airlines

Limited ‘Red Galaxy’ Edition Cassettes

It may be too late for the ‘Golden Voyager’ edition, but you can still snag a ‘Red Galaxy’ edition cassette of Wojciech Golczewski‘s ‘The Signal‘ while supplies last!

The Details

A sole rocketeer lives through her daily routine on a solo crewed space station orbiting a red dwarf star. One sol, the station is hit by a magnetic storm carrying a signal. The transmission provokes the decision to leave the station and start a journey into the unknown, looking for answers on the past, present and future of the species.

The Signal is written as a prequel to Wojciech Golczewski's acclaimed Reality Check album. It is a stripped down electronic compositions reminiscing both of analog synthesizes and primal digital soundwaves that brings us to a more undraped and intimate take on the authors previous space exploration themes. Reminding us of the wast cold emptiness of space and the things we are prepared to sacrifice to escape loneliness.

Price $10

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