RIYL: being in Resident Evil VII

Label: Celldeath

It’s already the end of January… shucks. Resident Evil VII released last week, and I just got my copy yesterday. A bit of a divergence from the normal Resident Evil M.O., but one that makes the game a bit more natural and not so balls-to-the-wall in its presentation. The seventh installment turns the game in to survival horror, akin to Amnesia or Clocktower. The music that goes with the gameplay induces even more tension than the visual stimuli (or lack thereof) that you’re exposed to. W3aveworld’s album places you in your own survival horror game – with little to no tools for defense and the imminent threat of death at the hands of some chimera. You’ll hear the unnamed protagonist evading her monstrous pursuer, out of breath and on the verge of tears – perhaps you’re in a similar situation, except the threat isn’t so much as fatal as it is frustrating. Its breath and slobbering coming in and out of focus, life begins to flash before the eyes. Listen to сервисный тоннель below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Running as fast as one can through a snowstorm, he could feel the heat of the fire on his back through his countless layers. The camp’s largest structure roared behind him as the flames consumed its thick walls and threw distorted versions of his shadow across the snow in front of him. He was barely a hundred yards from the camp when the maintenance bunker came into sight.
He stumbled and fell forward into the snow, but quickly rolled himself over and onto his elbows. Tears filled his eyes as he starred back at the camp. Building C was falling in on itself and the flames licked the black sky. He was alone out in this frozen hell. But it had been her voice, her scream. Her last word before she was torn from him.
He cried out and scrambled to his feet, against the wind, against the pain. Those things came from the tunnels and the one’s that weren’t burning were surely crawling back down into their holes. The bunker was now his only way back into the camp and unless the fire reached the engine room... No...
He would see that they all burned.
Reaching the bunker, he grabbed the large metal door’s hold and pulled with everything he had; and his rage was replaced by fear as he heard the crunching of bare feet running across the snow behind him...
released October 31, 2016

Mixing & Mastering - Xack Brame

Price $8

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