RIYL: the 80s

Label: Canti Magnetici

If you tell somebody the album you’re listening to is Untitled, or the song you’re listening to is called “Untitled,” that can mean numerous different artists or songs. Untitled tells you nothing and it’s a fitting name for Videobasic’s three track, yet quite lengthy, album. Untitled is verbal camouflage, and the songs are frankly unnameable. For a release such as this, you’re merely along for the ride and not much more than that. It’s hard to make sense of what you hear as you hear heavily distorted vocal samples and synths bleeping, burping and blooping. At times, you feel as if the album is going to fade in to non-existence and go back in to the cosmic jungle from whence it came, amongst the other releases and songs with the mysterious name “Untitled.” At times, you’ll feel as if you’re in a fever dream, and at times you’ll feel like you’re on deck of the Nostromo. Listen to Untitled via the Bandcamp player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Videobasic "Untitled"
C40 - Canto 07

A music magma of junk-electronics, abstract tape loops and proto industrial drones. An acid mix of the early electronic experiments of Pauline Oliveros, the noisy static wall of Maurizio Bianchi and the DIY American weird touch like Nate Young and Aaron Dilloway.

Michele Mazzani is one of the most "pure" representative of the Italian underground music scene. In the strangest places you can image as show locations (bivouacs lost in the mountains, crumbling houses, garbage dumps) he organizes live sets that are an unmissable cult for the few people who follow him. His legendary DJ sets played only with tapes recovered in charitable organizations run by the Church is also a must. He lives in an old Romagna-style farmhouse where he frequently organizes shows, festivals and happenings. The farmhouse is also Lonktaar headquarter, his label, which now counts more than thirty releases, ranging from battered psychedelic and rotten noise to Indian travel sound reports.

Gabriele Gotini is a master in the art of circuit bending and tape loops. Besides playing in Videobasic and other more or less extemporaneous projects, he runs the music project: Trashsound
released September 9, 2016

Limited edition of 80

Price $7.85

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