RIYL: cold wave, pop, experimental house/dance

Label: unter-gang institut

Secret Map v.I has thirty-three tracks all by different artists. Secret Map v.I is, naturally, a smorgasbord of the strange, the otherworldly and the frightening. Most of these tracks sound like they were submerged in the thickest tar imaginable, and then kept right by a smoker’s spot on the porch for thirty years. All the carcinogenic chemical compounds are caked on to the reels, however some spots remain, for the most part, untouched. You’ll come across an alluring track like House Red’s “May Song” which sounds like it could’ve been in Lord of the Rings, or Iku Sakan’s effervescently shimmering “Fluid Existence” which sounds like it could be in a Suda51 game. However, this is just… kooky in the best sense possible. 333 Boyz’s “Cars and Sprouts” might be my favorite track on here, gleely mutilating Prefab Sprout’s “Cars and Girls” in to something akin to a DJ Clap production – read hyperjuke. Lil Jon even finds his way in there… Listen to the Bandcamp stream of this sampler below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

untergang-institut has put together a double-cassette collection of artists across the world who are crucial to its existence. the secret map might give some context or draw some connections that otherwise go undetectable. musik für aale von alle!
released December 6, 2016

Many thanks to DJ ShlucHT for his efforts in assembling this Sammlung!
Cover art by L. Simmons and L. Davis & printed by L. Simmons.

Price $12.48

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