RIYL: Tortoise, Makaya McCraven, AIR

Label: Your Master's Voice Records

I’d like to start this off by thanking my colleague Sindre for passing the reins of this off to me – he thought this would be more in my wheelhouse… and what do you know, this is in my wheelhouse. Ore only has two tracks, and it’s a trip through the land of hip-hop and jazz, viewed through the lens of Undicii’s eerie brand of psychedelia (erring more toward space rock influence in my opinion). 11h11, or the first side, climbs higher and higher in altitude with its scope. The synths near the end are unrelenting in their buzzing drone. It’s only somewhat jarring when they begin, but as with all drone, you start to get used to it and you end up liking it if not at first. 22h22, or the second side, is essentially a giant track with zero pauses unlike the first where it takes a breather plenty. 22h22 veers more toward ambience than the first and has the ability to win you over if you aren’t a fan of the first side due to its difference of approach. Listen to Ore below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

YMV-04: Undicii - Ore

“11:11 - 22:22
Mirrors of time,
One from the past, bearing the memory of birth, inspiring to excel,
One from the future, pushing for action & construction.
Two different sides, Immerse yourself in one"

Limited Tape & Vinyl Edition.

Available on beautiful silver mirror cassettes & 140g black vinyls.

Total Runtime: 41 min 41s

Includes Digital Download


All music composed by Undicii
Mixed & mastered by Kostral One
Artwork by Undicii & HanHuman

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#3 Top albums of January 2016 on 'La Soupe du Son':

Indie Rock Mag: "Le mystérieux Undicii invente un futur conjoint aux musiques atmosphériques et syncopées avec ce bijou fantasmagorique aux confins de l'ambient, du jazz, du krautrock et de l'abstract hip-hop...":
released January 18, 2016

Price $6.66

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