RIYL: Trensmat

Label: Still Heat Recordings

Silent Surveillance – what a relevant title considering the goings on in this crazy world today, what with the NSA and perhaps there are other clandestine organizations keeping tabs on you. Trium Circulorum’s Silent Surveillance is a forty-plus minute, three song… let’s call it an album purely for length’s sake. Although few in number, M.K. Hensel gets you very familiar with each of the three worlds he’s, in a sense, painted in his tracks. It’s a mix of acid techno, dark ambient, drone and industrial. From a distance, the album cover (at least the one that’s portrayed on Still Heat‘s Bandcamp page for it) resembles the vasculature of a dead animal on a piece of leather prior to its treatment. “Intercepted Data” slithers around on the ground like fog, while “Room 101” and “Predictive Algorithm” are the strobe lights that’d borderline blind you while you’re at a rave. Listen to Silent Surveillance below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

"Silent Surveillance" is the 4th release by Still Heat , and the first for 2016. Created by 'Trium Circulorum', a project by M.K.Hensel (formerly active as '3dtorus' and still active under the moniker 'Kanal Drei') .

Born out of the love for analog noise, randomness, glitches and saturation, 'Room 101' and 'Predictive Algorithm' are the perfect dark mix of Tech-Noise electronics and blackened Acid. 4/4 kicks pinning the broken pieces together.

'Intercepted Data' completes the triptych as a stretched out 19 minute, beatless journey into the darkness , where both cracked analogue tones and industrial drones compete for space.

"Silent Surveillance" is as bleak and paranoid as it is addictive.

IN ADDITION!!! Each tape bought comes with accompanying digital release of 4 loopbased tracks of 30 min each by the artists , as bonus material!

Release date 18th January 2016 M/C & D/L

Price $6.42

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