RIYL: the type of people who don't tie up their wires

Label: Always Human Tapes

A thought that may cross your mind when you turn this on is “What in God’s name am I listening to?” Perhaps you think that with everything I write up… DJ Waste and Treasure Hunt are totally interchangeable here. The track names and the compositions make no sense at all. Treasure Hunt went to the bottom of the recycle bin on your computer, scraped up the pitch black layer that was caked on the bottom, and blends them up to deliver unto us a smoking concoction. DJ Waste combines the trashy allure of Oneohtrix Point Never and the unpredictability of someone like DJ Clap. With the subtlety of a battering ram, it makes its presence known with the dregs and scum of whatever it could scratch up. DJ Waste is a nightmarish experience and (as with many of my write-ups…) takes a certain type of personality to appreciate. Listen to DJ Waste below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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released June 30, 2015

Price $7

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