RIYL: Vaporwave, [adult swim] bumps

Label: Magical Garage Taste

After writing up that Memory Theatre release last week (with¬†one of you lucky readers snatching up the last one), I decided to look more in to the Qu√©bec-based label¬†Magical Garage Taste… ¬†and lo, and behold, there’s more where that Memory Theatre release came from. TRANCE.BIZ’s¬†Taman Shud is essentially a trojan horse with vaporwave kitsch as the fa√ßade, with a variety of electronic sub-genres on the inside – suffice it to say, it doesn’t neatly fit in vaporwave, or much anything else. Yes, if you take a gander at¬†Taman Shud‘s cover you’d just assume it’s a lo-fi vaporwave archetype, complete with what almost resemble a Psychic Energy symbol from the Pok√©mon Trading Card Game.¬†Taman Shud aims to intrigue as it traipses along a tightrope suspended above a chasm that is the Internet’s oblivion. As the EP plays on, I’m reminded of White Rainbow and even Wolfgang Voigt’s influential Gas project. Listen below to¬†Taman Shud via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Hand-duplicated in real time on type II high-bias tape. Includes a hand-numbered insert and a TRANCE.BIZ sticker.

Price $4.13

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