RIYL: vaporwave

Label: 2015

“Is it a crime?” as “crime” croons over and over again backed by a droning organ. Time Heals Nothing flexes its vaporwave chops and shows the genre’s strengths. Vaporwave is a genre that magnifies the glamour and plastic-like nature of the pop/rock songs of yore. It takes the cheesy and makes it creepy. Of course, Time Heals Nothing could totally be deriving some of his material from more “modern” songs… I wish the samples were listed… Sometimes Google doesn’t yield the results you want when you want to find the source, and sometimes there’s not enough lyrics to use. Time Heals Nothing‘s cover, looking like it’s from straight out of an 80s/90s show, shows the tears glistening on his (?) cheeks and hopefully you shed some glistening tears, too – but from joy, not melancholy. There’s a lot of vaporwave, but good vaporwave can be hard to come by like this. Listen to the Bandcamp stream of the album below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released May 12, 2015

Price $7

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