RIYL: the ether

Label: Tandem Tapes

For the moment, it seems like Tandem Tapes operates solely with split releases and that’s quite refreshing. You’re obviously getting two EPs for the price of one, and for (at press time) five bucks and some change that’s a steal. Stellfox and Low Flung use some of the same tools for their production, but, yeah, obviously you’re getting different results. Stellfox, an Indonesia-based producer, more or less supplements his samples of nature with shimmering, subdued at times, synthesizers and lively, earthy percussion. As for Low Flung’s side of the split, you can think of it as a cousin to Oneohtrix Point Never. Low Flung is if Daniel Lopatin went outside, instead of staying cooped up in a decrepit basement covered in empty beer bottles, broken tube monitors, and gray keyboards with cigarette ashes filling the grooves; of course, there’s also cigarette butts everywhere. Low Flung cleaned up a little bit, then he went outside. Listen to the split below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Stellfox is Sean Stellfox (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Low Flung is Danny Wild (Canberra, Australia)

For Indonesian customers who don't use Paypal or debit/credit please contact tandemtapes@gmail.com for pricing and alternative payment methods.
released June 7, 2016

Price $5.64

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