RIYL: lifesized interludes

Label: Magical Garage Taste

Once VOMA winds up on your tape deck, you feel as if an interlude has begun. It feels as if a grand event in your life has transpired, and you’re now anxiously lying in wait for the next one. If your life had a loading screen, this would be gurgling, twisting and writhing backing music. Păsărele’s VOMA doesn’t imbue glee, and instead makes you wonder how bad the next undertaking will be. You hear (I guess, envision) particles bouncing to and fro, as if they were skaters on ice comparable to glass. As the track goes on, a syrupy substance rises through the cracks and these particles (if you will) begin to struggle to make it from the right to left side. Their absence becomes noticeable as they touch off from speaker to speaker. The B side is what I’ll call the hailstorm, accompanied with a category five tornado, that swoops in over an otherwise clear sky. Listen to VOMA below via the Bandcamp player and you’ll see what I mean. See what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details


For more Somnoroase Păsărele: soundcloud.com/somnoroase-pasarele
released June 14, 2016

Composed & recorded 2013-14 by Gili Mocanu in Bucharest and Constanța, Romania.

Re-mixed for Magical Garage Taste by Miru Mercury, April 2016.

Price $3.84

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