RIYL: a throwback to the early 00s/late 90s mixed with some Deep Forest

Label: Bad Magic

Behold, Sam Weston’s debut solo release, Shiraz Voyager. The Australian producer’s lead single, “Fabergé Egg Shaker,” goes down like a well-deserved drink of cold water after an hour toiling in the heat. “Fabergé Egg Shaker” can throw down with the best of deep house (think DJ Sprinkles/Sensate Focus) with its woozy synthesizer chords and its supple percussion line – I suppose this could also be termed balearic, no? I was sold within the first few seconds, to be frank. The opening notes remind me of Huerco S. with how far-removed and husky they sound. As Weston’s first solo song released to the public’s ears, it makes quite an impression. There’s a warm mist cascading the production with a children’s chorus singing in what appears to be a foreign language… however, for all I know, this could be English reversed but I’m not the most well-versed when it comes to linguistics. You’ll have to pardon my ignorance. The important thing is – “Fabergé Egg Shaker” is a wonderfully decadent track. Something to consider for those late night parties with the impending spring season upon us. Listen to “Fabergé Egg Shaker” below via the Bandcamp stream below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Limited run of 50 cassettes, 100% hand dubbed, stamped and printed in Sydney by Bad Magic. Exclusive secret B-side...

Price $7.29

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