RIYL: indietronica

Label: Tandem Tapes

So, Tandem Tapes isn’t strictly a noise label. This Reuben Ingall / Logic Lost split tape is actually bringing me back to the heyday of indietronica in the early-mid aughts; the likes of Khonnor, Her Space Holiday, The Postal Service, Electric President, etc. At least, this is descriptive of Reuben Ingall’s part with his delicate mix of the organic and inorganic. Indietronica generally uses synthesizers and sampling as more of a garnish to the space rather than a driving force; the driving force usually being the vocal work. There’s always a certain whimsy to the composition, whether it has a depressive or elated disposition varies from artist to artist. Ingall’s disposition is somewhere in-between, with his compositions prompting meditation. Interestingly enough, he only has vocals on the intro and outro tracks. Logic Lost’s half of the split is a mix of Recycle Culture, Huerco S. and the aesthetic of Lewis, but it’s entirely devoid of vocals. Listen to the split below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Reuben Ingall (Canberra, Australia) - "A soundtrack to self-care"

Logic Lost is Dylan Amirio (Jakarta, Indonesia)

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released May 23, 2016

Price $5.6

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