RIYL: [adult swim] beat music with a balearic bent

Label: Magical Garage Taste

I’ll have to pick up with Pawlacz Perski next week because Magical Garage Taste has come out with yet another excellent tape! With the cover, I immediately thought of 100% Silk and in a sense they are channeled on AOLA. Right off the bat, you’re taken to a yacht with a setting sun being enveloped by the vast waters you see through your rose-tinted lenses – ice cold drink in hand, of course. Early on in the tape, you’re tempted to call this vaporwave with a balearic bent, but as it progresses it gets deeper in to beat territory a la [adult swim]. Think of this album as a pleasant partner to watch the sun go down, even if you don’t happen to have your own boat or beach access… you’ll be at the beach, mentally, anyway. If anyone from [adult swim] sees this, feel free to approach Phoebe or the kind people at Magical Garage Taste to pick up some bumps. Listen to AOLA below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details


For more music by Toby Alden: soundcloud.com/embassy
released February 15, 2016

Music by Toby Alden.

Artwork by Sam Alden.
tags: experimental cassette electro vaporrave Richelieu

Price $4.35

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