RIYL: Nico Niquo, Persona

Label: Always Human Tapes

I’m all about this. Especially since I’m playing Persona 5 right now – get it if you don’t already have it. The soundtrack, and frankly everything else, is something else to behold. Maid of Gold feels ripe and ready to go with a JRPG of your choice. It’s practically asking to be a game soundtrack, especially with each track having a stage number next to it. Maid of Gold mixes the lovable 80s kitsch you’ll find in any vaporwave/futurefunk track and spaced out, kinetic, honeyed synth jams that would fit in with loading music or cafe music in a JRPG. Unfortunately, Maid of Gold isn’t a real game but you want it to be. This has an air of familiarity to me, and takes me back. My rose-tinted glasses aren’t blinding me – this album’s actually a joy to listen to outside of those associations. If I could compare it to something non-video game related, I’d compare it to a softer version of Kode9’s Nothing. 

The Details

Maid of Gold is the original soundtrack to the game Maid of gold. Im benny kato who makes the music and my friend mitchell makes the vocals. we just got to second year of high school when Sega called for us to make the music. we had fun. game is for dreamcast and is expected february 2000. enjoy ~~~bk
released December 10, 2014

music -benny kato (Pear. 夫婦)

vocal - Mitchell Herpst (http.me (www.facebook.com/http.me))

Price $7

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