RIYL: dub-informed electronica


This may, or may not, be the second-to-last SEAGRAVE cassette I can write about at the moment. Ovis Aurum I guess is a fitting release as it quiets down on that front. The album, as with other SEAGRAVE releases, is a bit difficult to pin down. “Realm Loop” starts out as spaced out dub techno and about midway through this piercing arpeggiated synth loop spawns in the background. The loop proceeds to slowly envelop the entire track near the end, and it feels reminiscent of “Pop 4” considering its inherent trance-like qualities. Even “Weeds” sounds like it could’ve been on Königsforst if that album didn’t go for a strict foreboding Blair Witch atmosphere. After “Realm Loop,” the album’s techno qualities begin to manifest more and more with some curve balls like “Reclamation” and “Pel Form.” If you like ice cold techno with an ambient/dub bent, this one’s for you. Listen to Ovis Aurum below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released December 11, 2014

Music by Gary James Geiler

Photography by Stuart Munro


Price $9.72

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