RIYL: the Max Payne 3 soundtrack

Label: Pawlacz Perski

Opiłki i Makrostruktury… this is another piece of strange electronica from Polish label Pawlacz Perski. I read once that Polish is supposed to be the hardest language in the world to learn – ranked above Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, even. I’m assuming that this is where the name comes from, as I’m not entirely sure how one pronounces the ‘ł’ character. You could say that this adds to the intrigue. The translation of the album’s title is Filings and Macrostructures, according to the Bandcamp synopsis. Contained within is an amalgam of haphazard drum loops, glitched out synthesizer waves and samples. It’s equal parts KILN, Oneohtrix Point Never, and perhaps one of Orange Milk‘s artists. On the cover, you’ll notice two arms attempting to shield its body from the onslaught of color and from the chrome abyss that lies outside of the sea of streaks. Another curious release indeed. Listen to the album below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

AU79 is a project by Paweł Klimczak and Jędrek Jendrośka known for their most diverse activities in the field of music - from editing Lineout.pl website (no longer running) to a DJ-producer's duo Pvre Gold. For quite some time they are working solo now - Jędrek as a DJ Ryan R is exploring vinyl records from around the globe in order to transform them into pure dance energy; Paweł as Naphta produces and plays house from beyond time. AU79 is a nod to experiments straight from the Polish Radio Experimental Studio - creating a sonic atmosphere using overreact and going outside limits of the safe world of dancefloor sounds.

"Opiłki i Makrostruktury" ["Filings and Macrostructures"], AU79's first release, are collages of rejected samples, shabby synthesizers parts and jagged drum loops, treated with techniques detached from the standardized club music production. The release resounds with rhythmic and melodic shreds from the duo's inspirations. In fact they are only the survivors of the subconscious, indicating the hope of escaping from the chaos of the capitalistic reality. Not only by destructing the popular & well known patents and the duty of the experiment, is the principle of Rodczenko's Avant Garde implemented, but also by the escapist ritual, releasing the original potential - both artists, as well as in the audience.
released March 25, 2015

Music: Paweł Klimczak, Jędrek Jendrośka
Mastering: Michał Wolski
Graphic: Gosia Słomska

Price $5.64

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