RIYL: ice, ogres

Label: Fort Evil Fruit

Our journey in the darkling territory of Fort Evil Fruit continues this week, starting off with Ondness’ Surf e Performance. Let’s put heavy emphasis on the first part of the album’s title, m’kay? This album sounds as if it takes place underwater… or at least, it sounds that way as your ears are submerged. You might’ve had a crazy night at your buddy’s summer house situated near the swamp, one moment you’re #turnt and the next, you’ve gained consciousness directly facing the colossal star in the sky meaning it’s high noon floating among gators and lilypads. You see the gators prowling the waters and they miraculously haven’t touched you, or your once-beautiful swollen face which you can thank the mosquitoes for. Surf e Performance sounds as if something had the makings to be a positive experience, yet it turned out to be quite the opposite – case in point, that party. It drones and chimes dissonantly, with little regard for the rules of composition. If you like dancing with darkness, this is for you. Listen to Surf e Performance below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released November 26, 2014

Mastered by Carlos Nascimento
Artwork by Sara Rafael
tags: electronic portugal rock avant-garde electronica loop music synth techno Ireland

Price $5.65

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