RIYL: an electronic homunculus

Label: Jacktone Records

line cook music is meant for the chefs among us. A chef is a very respectable position, and a difficult one at that. Long, grueling, hours on their feet and a day that’s as predictable as the weather in Dallas/Fort Worth. odi me, hailing from Oakland, California, dedicates this to his fellow cooks quite literally. odi me wants this played in the kitchen as chefs sweat and grind away at what can at times be an endless amount of tickets. The synopsis, but of course, nails what this tape is. line cook music opens with the track “6AM” which is a near beatless ambient track, and this followed with the ghoulish “unlocked” interlude. line cook music channels future garage, dub techno (and dub elements in general), and dubstep and, just like a fusion of all the items made in a restaurant kitchen, becomes this indescribable conglomeration of electronica bathing within a steamy haze stemming from the delectables concocted in their pots and pans. Listen to the Bandcamp stream of line cook music below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Oakland's odi me returns to Jacktone for his 2nd release in as many years with "line cook music." The album begins with a familiar sound palette explored in his first release, titled tilde (~), but, soon moves into new territory entirely - breaks, pummeling techno, jungle, and melodic experiments.

Beginning with ‘6am’, a fever dream of hallucinatory ambience unfolds until 5 minutes into the track, a strong line of percussion guides the piece into wakefulness. On ‘knewiwoulddothis’, odi me engages the vernacular of drum and bass in a fresh manner, distorting familiar drum programming so that it reverberates and garbles against the backdrop of a brooding drone. This strategy effectively renders ‘accounting’ into a fascinating and encompassing environment. Not to be painted into a corner, he rallies against the contemplative with ‘labor’, a dusty warehouse rager that could sit comfortably on a Lobster Theremin compilation. There is a raw aggression that rubs shoulders with the more meditative elements of this release, which should pique the interests of techno experimentalists.

from odi me: "I've never felt connected with club culture. I didn't get into dance music because of friends or drugs. I made it long before I was even aware of what a DJ actually is. I came up in this craft because I needed the energy for dinner service. Line Cook Music isn't designed for the club. It's designed for the restaurant, and it's purpose is to empower cooks with tickets all across the board, and a prep list from here to the floor. Thank you Miguel, Fabi, Santos, Joel, Nick, and all the other bad ass chefs I've been blessed enough to be able to make art with."

For fans of: Squarepusher, Seefeel, Mouse on Mars, Laurel Halo, Felix K, Bibio

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