RIYL: funk for the new age

Label: videogamemusic

What Canas is to disco/funk listeners is what Portuguese is to Spanish speakers – numerous familiarities populate the senses, but there something’s amiss… To clarify, it is rather convenient that the three-piece Niagara is Portuguese, but that wasn’t what made me decide on the comparison. Anyway, Niagara’s take (perhaps deconstruction) on the relatively short-lived genre is… refreshing. Niagara takes the iconic violin flourishes, bass licks/slaps and rhythms and puts them in a food processor with their own ingredients to concoct a musical nut butter that’s almost unrecognizable. Even as disjointed as this album may be, it’s still enough to elicit visions of a discotheque way way back. videogamemusic calls these “peppery improvisations… ingrained with a… sense of urgency and anxious funk.” Within each track, there’s a mist comprised of sweat floating in the air visible in those light rays cast from the disco ball (among other light sources in the club…). Listen to Canas below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Each tape has a unique silk-screened sleeve on super nice paper. Maybe you can't read any of the track list! Maybe your sleeve has no art at all!

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