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Label: Noorden

Apothecary Dream is just that – a dream. Neozaïre (fun fact: Zaïre is the Democratic Republic of Congo’s old name) takes a mortar and pestle to the likes of dream pop, space rock, new age, ambient and IDM. “Colour Me Grey” characterizes a dark, rainy night you spend at your lavish home probably during a time when trip-hop and downtempo were making their rounds on the population’s stereos. Of course, you’re also slouched in your giant leather chair with a Marlboro Red lit and looking out the window you have to the city below you with raindrop streaks obscuring the view. The following four tracks are what ensues in your head after you shut your eyes unexpectedly, with the white noise of rain flooding your ears. These four tracks, “Yellow Passion” especially, sound like the bleak existential fallout from a Pink Floyd album. Whether you took a visit to the apothecary before turning this album on is entirely up to you. Listen to a preview of Apothecary Dream below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

A1. Colour Me Grey (4:33)
A2. Yellow Passion (4:31)
A3. Departed, Gone and Lost (5:15)
B1. Graves Creek Tab (3:40)
B2. Blue Bell Treasure (4:34)

Five tracks between trippy electronica, dreamy ambient,
field-recordings and spaced-out guitars.
releases February 25, 2016

Music and archival scans by D’Evoé
Mastered by Manes at Salz Mastering
Design by Alex Ketzer

Price $9

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