RIYL: Noorden

Label: Noorden

Listed in the title are coordinates to what appears to be in the southern tip of Norway – unless I input them incorrectly. I find it to be a rather nondescript title otherwise and what’s contained within could be considered nondescript in its own way. All the compositions you can hear within the sixteen minute preview are done entirely through live analog synthesis. There are thirty possible covers that can adorn the copy of your tape, and on the Bandcamp page you can see a picture with all of them in a folder. They all are either in stark black-and-white or monochrome, saturated in a hazy pond scum green and they all depict disparate settings or loneliness/solitude in some shape or form. Consider this the backing track to being alone amongst a multitude of machines at the laundromat [which happens to be one of the covers] (or a factory). Listen to 50°58’2​.​19″N, 7°0’6​.​73″E below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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