RIYL: Falty DL (sorta), trapping

Label: videogamemusic

Ash Drip came out at the tail end of last year and I’m unfortunately just now finding out about it as I peruse through videogamemusic‘s catalogue once more. Ash Drip is sort of like Broshuda’s Fatima’s Dream (videogamemusic‘s latest release which I wrote up last week) in the sense that it saunters along space effortlessly and will change on a dime. Ash Drip feels like the remnants of [adult swim] bumps in that there’s this “flash in the pan” atmosphere to each where while they aren’t long, they are rambunctious and show-stopping when they do come in to existence. Ash Drip dabbles in simple ambience to hip-hop instrumentals. My favorite track off of this would have to be “Brass10.” The tape hiss and the way the synthetic bells chime remind me of the Williams Street closing card – something that accompanied Space Ghost. Listen to Ash Drip below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Bit weirder, bit quieter than his other stuff ( apart from News ) .
released December 1, 2015

Price $8.54

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