RIYL: dark techno

Label: Always Human Tapes

Buried has a cover that makes me want to go out on a limb to interpret its meaning, but it seems interpreting art is almost pointless without intimately knowing the individual who crafts the piece. With its barebones achromatic color scheme, a clear cassette, and a black sheet covering the torso of a nude mannequin, perhaps this is just a stylistic choice or a message to only focus on the music – I have no idea. What the tape has to offer is more than enough to satiate the pallet, however, with its ritualistic bass drums (and percussion) that could fit¬†at a seance or a seedy nightclub and synth notes with enough artifacts to start a museum. Between those two (of many) elements, you’ll have enough “food” for the senses to negate the need for a pretty album presentation. This is par for the course concerning dark techno, of course. You also ¬†You could hit up the club with this, but it’d probably be more reverent to just light a candle in a dark room and watch the flame ebb and sway with the pulse of the subwoofers. Listen to¬†Buried below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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