RIYL: experimental ambience

Label: Light of Other Days

Before you say anything, yes, Mixtape is a part of the title. HOVE has his debut EP, Journey to Arendal, which came out back in January (its physical media has sold out for the time being) and then HOVE has this mixtape which you can consider the overflow from the original. This is yet another tip-off, in a sense, from Aidan Hanratty’s weekly Bandcloud email – I heartily recommend it. It’s free and I’ve found quite a lot of new labels/artists to look in to from his emails. Anyway, the man also writes quick blurbs under each find of his and the one for Journey to Arendal is more or less what I think – “Really dreamy, vibey house this, blissful sunsets and beach parties with yearning melodies straight from the early 90s.” Have a cold drink ready and some shades as you sail off in to a glowering sunset. Listen to the Journey to Arendal Mixtape below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

This is a mix of tracks, jams, sketches and field recordings that i recorded while making my debut EP «Journey to Arendal» in 2015.

released January 25, 2016

Price $7.23

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