RIYL: primitivist techno

Label: Always Human Tapes

This is Twisted¬†and it frankly couldn’t have a better title. The Japanese producer gets straight to pummeling your ear drums with the title/intro track. This muted kick drum goes at your ears like a speed bag from the jump and doesn’t quite relent. There’s the abrupt break here and there, but respite is almost non-existent. The array of synthesizers and drum machines he has firing away rise out of the grown with their thorns piercing the main line with their embrace. “Twisted” contorts and seizes until it suddenly craps out. “Placebo and Nocebo,” the second track, can’t help but remind me of HEALTH’s Max Payne 3 soundtrack (which, I know, I’ve mentioned countless times in the past). The bass, instead of being muted, is slick and well-rounded. Instead of pummeling, it’s more like you’re in a massage chair. Roughly a minute before the track’s end, it takes the massage from a forceful, yet gentle, back rub to jumping up and down on your back. Listen to both tracks below via the Bandcamp stream and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Hitoshi Kojima returns with a tape of relentless and mesmerizing jack tracks. Kojima aka THRIVE shoves a stack of Roland machines through a meat grinder, cranking out incisive rhythms, bleak textures, and true heaviness.
releases March 17, 2017

Price $7

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