RIYL: The Act of Estimating Something as Worthless, The Moldy Peaches, indietronica

Label: Third Kind Records

To close out the week, I’m writing about Hattie Cooke’s debut self-titled full length (as far as I know this is her debut…). Cooke’s debut is a throwback to the heyday of indietronica (a la The Postal Service, Her Space Holiday, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, etc.) and singer-songwriter with its “indie” bent (think Cat Power in ye olde 90s). The tracks alternate between electronic and “organic” (if you will) ballads, with Cooke’s delightfully English vocal work overlaid on the mix. Keep in mind, by the way, she did everything by herself on this – all the effects and instruments you hear. Cooke’s songs on here generally clock in around the three minute mark, and I wish some would continue onward for longer (perhaps this is just me being used to 15 minute long dub techno, drone and post-rock tracks…). If for some reason she decides to go towards one genre or the other, the option’s there for her… that is if she doesn’t bridge out in to more territory. Listen to Hattie Cooke’s debut below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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Black side and white side printed cassette. Includes download code for whole album and bonus track.

Price $6.09

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