RIYL: KILN, Lymbyc Systym

Label: Always Human Tapes

Grimoire-esque’s Etcetera EP is hard to pin down – I guess it has a fitting name, what-with et cetera being able to entail a variety of items. The closest comparison I can think of is to KILN, and to a certain extent Lymbyc Systym. Etcetera isn’t a silky smooth listen, as the cover would also suggest.  Etcetera is quite disjointed in its production, but it isn’t disjointed to the point of being offensive to your sensibilities. This EP feels like a bumpy ride through the past with its arsenal of samples and synthetic stabs. Always Human Tapes suggests to close your eyes while listening to this “braindance.” Etcetera, during its all too-short and erratic stay, is able to take you to the middle of the night with a clear sky to gaze at. This is something to have at the ready and something I feel is better enjoyed during the night. Listen to the Etcetera EP below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

With Grimoire-esque, it feels great to be grabbed by the throat. The Etcetera EP is full of apparitions and undersea tastes, moldy crunch grooves and under-the-skin bubble dream horror. Have a listen with closed eyes as producer Fletcher Aleckson sculpts an interesting breed of braindance.

Imagine the line of dirt left after using a dustpan, the comforting hum of background laundry, rotten grapes, forks on china, ticking fluorescents, orange VHS tapes, metallic light switch cover plates, and prolonged milk-immersion prune fingers.

Beachcombing is only available when the full EP is purchased.
released September 2, 2014

All music and art by Grimoire-esque - 2014
Additional mixing by Andrew Newton

Price $7

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