RIYL: Richard Youngs, Jim O'Rourke

Label: Auditory Field Theory

For the moment, I’m going to try and dig up what Auditory Field Theory has left on their shelves which you all might be able to help out with. Perry Trollope’s moniker, /f, is a bit difficult to put in a search engine as you may have found already. Beginning your search with a “/” will help initiate an internal file search and… yes, frankly it’s almost unsearchable. A happy accident or planned device, it works to bring Trollope some more mystique. As for what’s on LABOR, it can’t help but feel aleatoric with the way it’s structured – assuming what you hear on this is something you’d term “structured.” It feels as if Trollope has invited you over to a house warming and upon opening the door all you see is a sea of black and white specks that comprise this static clump. Trollope, however, doesn’t hesitate to peel back the static to reveal the intricate details he’s hidden in this vast sea if you give him the chance. Listen to the first side of LABOR below via the SoundCloud stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

2016 . AFT018 . 30M . PRO-DUBBED

Perry Trollope (aka, Susan Balmar, Warm Thighs, /f), continues his extensive work in sonic experimentation melting together a myriad of aesthetics into a frenzied modular juxtaposition.


A1 SM1 (feat. emamouse)
B1 georgian telescope warmth 100% diet produce for low volume child who edited this

Artwork by Perry Trollope
Portland (2016)
includes auditory field theory logo sticker (81mm x 81mm) *while supplies last

Price $7

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