Label: Always Human Tapes

Tourist sounds like the soundtrack to a new age-centered cult training video. “MORNING STRETCHES,” the intro track, sets the mood with its droning, droopy, synth chords spilling out of Dravier’s vat. Every one of these tracks could be featured in a Tim & Eric episode with their cosmic, slightly cheesy, aesthete and Dravier seems aware of this. “HOTEL TV NETWORK” sounds like the muzak you’d hear on the guide channel.¬†Tourist is halfway between a kitschy 80s ambient work and the soulless, unintentionally creepy, synthetic music of yore that’s the essential “meat” of vaporwave or the work of, say, James Ferraro. Dravier keeps it minimal (literally on “ON YOUR MARK”), seeming to not opt for the use of drum machines or other timbres on all these tracks. It seems like he just uses a single patch, and then lathers on effects – altering attack/delay, reverb, etc. Listen to¬†Tourist below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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released December 6, 2016

Price $7

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