RIYL: minimalism

Label: Pawlacz Perski

As a forewarning… as I’m typing this, there are only nine copies left of this decidedly orange cassette. Out on Pawlacz Perski, Dot Dot’s City Animal takes you in to the belly of the urban beast. City Animal is a glimpse in to Artur Śleziak’s perspective of city life. City life can be considered synonymous with the ideas of stress, claustrophobia, rapaciousness, breakneck excitement and dis/comfort. City Animal is a magnification of those perceived negative elements, but Dot Dot makes sure to coat them in a sugary dew. City Animal focuses on those moments when you’re on the way to work in your car at 5AM, and you’re looking at the world through your windows. However, not through the windows themselves… but through the droplets that have formed on the glass from the slowly cascading water descending from the sky. The sun hasn’t even begun to peak out from the seemingly infinite darkness that blankets the heavens, and the hundreds of lights (a combination of structural and automotive sources) that lie beyond your gaze congregate in to the few droplets you focus in on. Dot Dot observes the city in, as he says, slow mode. Dot Dot produces much with little. Listen to City Animal below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

“Life in the city is the ability to move through the urban jungle. The constant rush, pushing through the crowd, traffic, waiting at the pedestrian crossing. For some – frustrating, for others – exciting. I love to get on a bike and watch the world in slow mode. Sometimes I observe people at the bus stop while slowly passing by in a car. Another time, as a pedestrian this time, I experience the city by sensing its’ every inconvenience, but also the possibility of a quick escape – to cafes, bars or clubs. City Animal album was created in 2010. Due to a computer crash I lost most of the arrangements. From the ashes I recreated this dark tale step by step. I was anxious to throw it out. This is my manifesto concerning living in a city.”
released February 10, 2014

Music: Dot Dot (Artur Śleziak)
Mastering: Plugaudio Mastering
Photo: Izabela Wrzos
Graphic: Justyna Kociszewska
tags: experimental Warsaw

Price $5.55

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