RIYL: being abducted


If you feel like being a risk taker and you want to buy blind, I’ll disclose up front that there’s only one cassette remaining of this release and I’m leaving it up to you readers to decide who gets it. Uriel Wavv is one of the stranger, more unsettling releases I’ve happened upon in recent memory. From the cover to the contents to the cassette color, Uriel Wavv is alienating and self-ostracizes. I can’t help but describe this as an abduction by extraterrestrials. You hear garbled, disembodied voices along with disjointed hums and buzzing of clandestine machines and you just can’t help but feel that around the corner (more apt, lying within the skies) the Borg are going to beam you up in to their cube to perform unspeakable acts of experimentation. Dagir Du uses music to displace you, and not to immerse you within “the experience” if you will. Listen to Uriel Wavv below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

All tracks by Joseph Morris

Art by Csenge Csato

released January 15, 2016

Price $9.92

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