RIYL: TR/ST, acid techno


Three days until Christmas. Three copies of this limited edition festively green cassette left. It’s clearly a sign you need to pick one of these up before they’re gone for good. Before SEAGRAVE adds another sold out title to the depths of the ocean. Scan Transfer is glinting, darkling flirtation with acid techno and leisurely anachronistic synthpop. At least that’s what you get from Cignol. Stellar Mass, on the other hand and the other half, decides to draw things out and releases the drone. Stellar Mass, depending on how you interpret that name, is not so much a brightly-burning star as it is a formidable cosmic adversary gliding through the emptiness of space. Stellar Mass’ side of the tape sounds like the aftermath of the ship you jettisoned from exploding in to smithereens behind you. “Obrist,” although only two minutes, feels much longer, but I guess when you’re suffering time moves a lot slower. Listen to Scan Transfer via the Bandcamp player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released February 5, 2015

Sleeve layout by Sam Bristow

Price $7.35

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