RIYL: drifting

Label: Always Human Tapes

Chiracahua Wilderness almost didn’t come out, but thanks to Always Human Tapes (who seem to be releasing something every time I blink) it’s here to grace our ears and bring calm to our troubled souls. Now, when you look at the cover you’ll notice a digital forest but a forest nonetheless – the wilderness. When you go out to the wilderness, you might go to find yourself either in a state of sobriety or through illicit means. Heck, you might just go to the wilderness to indulge in whatever bacchanalian fantasy you fear others discovering. Chiracahua Wilderness feels like it’s meant to soundtrack the latter. The cassette, from the two tracks we can hear at the moment, seems to lend itself to horror and that happy go lucky trip to the woods going wrong. Think Blair Witch or The Edge. This one’s “for true heads only.” Listen to some of the tape below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

When the original release fell by the wayside, we almost begged Canoe to let us release this tape. It demands to be heard. Evocative and highly spiritual ambient trips. For true heads only.
releases April 7, 2017

Price $7

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