RIYL: a happier version of Hype Williams

Label: videogamemusic

What do you get if you combine C418, Hype Williams and, say, Princess Century? You get a piece of Broshuda. Living up to the album’s namesake, Fatima’s Dream documents the process of falling asleep, the dreams that ensue, and the sleepwalking that occurs afterward. Frankly, Fatima’s Dream could fit in well with an installment of Earthbound/Mother. Broshuda’s synth chords glide and float along the silky smooth space he’s crafted. Like a dream, the album doesn’t necessarily have a constant theme – it changes as time moves along. As Christopher Nolan’s Inception points out, when you dream you don’t remember the beginning – you always end up in the middle of whatever your subconscious has conjured up, whether it be heavenly or horrifying. Fatima’s Dream can go from barely being background noise to becoming the ONLY noise in the blink of an eye. Through it all, though, Fatima’s Dream remains honeyed. Listen to the Bandcamp stream of Fatima’s Dream below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Including work that was included as the soundtrack for befriended artist iro aka the motel´s installation at brooklyn´s children museum of the arts last year, this marks broshuda´s most personal and intimate release so far, for the main part comprised of freeform synth sequence jams extracted from dreamy sunday sessions with subtle touches of live effect modulation and slight subsequent rearranging.

The title track from late 2012, is both serving as a homage/nod to the great fatima yamaha, whose "what´s a girl to do" was and continues to be a big inspiration to broshuda, as well as building the foundation of the fictious character of young fatima (whose voice can be heard via various field recordings on the record) falling asleep on the train and experiencing various stages of her dream, managing to make it home safely after getting off the train and sleepwalking through the wrong part of town.
released March 11, 2016

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