RIYL: filthy industrial-minded bangers

Label: Always Human Tapes

So, at press time there’s only six copies remaining for this dark and dank split cassette. Blood Room (who also is at the helm of SEAGRAVE) also wanted me to mention that all proceeds from this release are going toward the ACLU – for those outside the states, American Civil Liberties Union. Blood Room’s side has some abstract bangers to get the blood pumping and the whip bumping. “Sun Pulse Equation” from the jump makes you feel like you’re trapped in a building with a time bomb ticking away its final moments, with the bass drum giving your conscience a much-needed masssage. “Flood Heresy” is a sonic assault that’s sure to put your subwoofers to the test, and I’m totally aware of the pun opportunity but I’ll refrain from taking it. “Fml Dad No Insurance” is reminiscent of something you might hear on Geogaddi – dark IDM.

Now, let’s liken Blood Room’s side to the car that drives up to the creek, and Micromelancolié’s side as that not-so willing  dip in the creek. “Meltwater Pulse” with its flickering detachment in the first half and the twinkling and subdued electronic organ soundtrack when you hit the mud, and when you start drifting in the chilly water – accompanied by a fire trap hi-hat/snare combo, of course. “Abyssal Memories” reminds you of a car you’re furiously trying to start, but it’s just not wanting to cooperate with you even though you’ve got an angry mob approaching you. “Hydrothermal Vents” soundtracks that dive in to the bottom of the creek, and the hazy green and brown tapestry you gaze at. The final track, a Blood Room remix, is when you reach rock bottom and watch the fish swim by overhead. Listen to the Bandcamp stream of the album below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released February 3, 2017
tags: electronic electro experimental techno United States

Price $7

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