RIYL: industrial parks

Label: Fort Evil Fruit

Another piece, another beginning to a mostly evil week thanks to Fort Evil FruitMazikeen Scheme reminds me of the credits to Sinister, which I saw with two friends in a large theater which we had to ourselves on a late Thursday night. You can tell Blood Room’s cooking up a scheme as the synth pulses and chimes swerve in-and-out of earshot. You’ll get some lulls, granted, these don’t feel like lulls. The “lulls” sound as if they pull the all-too taut tension almost to a breaking point. You can practically envision yourself, nostrils flaring from your muted hyperventilation, hiding behind the counter as an axe murderer drags his unwieldy weapon on the carpet looking for you. Aside from labeling this “dark” or “industrial,” no blanket term can be put on this. “QUELL” resembles something Death Grips might’ve used as an instrumental, “K’K” sounds like something Stave could’ve made, “O P” could’ve been a Stars of the Lid interlude… I think you get the idea of how varied this is. Listen to Mazikeen Scheme below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

released May 29, 2015

Cover art by Stuart Munro
tags: electronic rock electronica industrial Ireland

Price $5.65

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