RIYL: blenders

Label: S√ėVN Records

Dendera Lite might be light in how many original tracks there are on the cassette, but concerning the substance it can tussle with the heaviest. The vocal samples in use are extremely jarring and add to the unsettling nature of the tracks. The second track features Arabic howling from a supposed homeless man, which takes a bat to your senses much like the pummeling bass and chopped static. “500 Eley Wasp,” presented without any vocals, reminds me of Kode9 if he tried to temper his often bombastic timbres. ¬†“500 Eley Wasp,” with its stammering xylophone (?) sounds like it’s trying to escape the industrial darkness that succeeds it and transmute itself in to a downtempo track if it ever¬†got the footing. The six remixes accompanying the three tracks definitely give the cassette even more appeal with its cheap price with my favorites being 99LETTERS’ and Boliden’s remixes of “CQLD.” Listen to the Bandcamp stream below¬†and see what you think of it, however. Cheers!

The Details

Blood Room releases have appeared on many tape labels,he also forms one half of IXTAB, a collaborative project with ovis aurum. In late 2015, a one-off EP recorded with Mute-Tiny appeared under the name Blood Mute.
released September 11, 2016

Artwork by AyGeeTee

Vocals on Cedar Tail are by Shehta, a homeless popcorn vendor living on the streets of Giza. They were recorded by local artist and Seagrave-affiliate Amr (1127).

Price $6.44

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