RIYL: Ape Hex Tween, Umberto


Christmas is around the corner, and Christmas Eve is even closer. How divine for those holidays to feel squarely on the weekend this year, no? If you’re still wondering what kind of gifts to get for your loved ones for whatever holiday you may be celebrating, Sly Vinyl’s a solid place to scour for affordable and limited edition options for that special someone. As I write this, there’s only three copies left of this tape on SEAGRAVE‘s site and perhaps, with your help, they’ll finally be gone before year’s end. You could call this leftfield electronica, but I’d like to call what’s on here a mellow version of cyberpunk. It’s as if Serial Experiments Lain has come through the wires to express its discontent with the tangible. At four songs, and under twenty minutes, this makes for a great trip to what could be or… what is. Listen to the EP via the Bandcamp player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Split EP between BAT (Best Available Technology) and Ovis Aurum.

released September 17, 2014

All sonics by Kevin Palmer (Best Available Technology) and Gary James Geiler (Ovis Aurum)

Price $7.35

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