RIYL: Inga Copeland

Label: Quiet Time

QTT2… how best to describe this… imagine Recycle Culture, White Rainbow, Arca, qualchan., and Inga Copeland’s souls being stirred in to the gnarliest trash can punch concoction you can think of and compressed in to one coma-inducing shot that happens to be on magnetic tape instead of a glass. I’m probably going to find myself purchasing this tape on top of Huerco S.’s which I wrote up yesterday in case you missed it. QTT2 feels like a trip down a memory lane you didn’t know existed until this very moment. This, thankfully, is taking away my attention from the circus-to-be that is the final debate with Trump and Hillary. After the ambience subsides, you start hearing, and I kid you not, djent. Here, I was thinking Lil Ugly Mane’s Side of Tape series was full of curveballs, yet here we are. I never thought I’d write the word “djent” on this website. What’s going on here? Listen to QTT2 below via the SoundCloud stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

23 minutes of original music on butterscotch cassette tape. 2 copies of the cassette per case; one for you, one for a friend.

Stream for a limited time: soundcloud.com/quiettimetapes/baby

Zine insert designed by Baby
Album art by Kisa Sky Shiga

Price $13

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