RIYL: L. Pearson, Haddon, dub techno

Label: Cong Burn Waves

I’ll assume you’re a loyal reader of mine to stroke my ego and also assume you remember the first volume I wrote about from the Cong Burn Tapes series, which was excellent by the way. While the cover might be something you might have found on a Kitchens of Distinction record or possibly a Frazier Chorus record back in the oh-so glorious 90s, what’s on the tape (at least, from what I can tell in the preview) is a delightfully modern take on (and worthy addition to) the rising dub techno tide of today. Dub techno’s getting pretty close to making a full breach beyond the European borders, with this release coming courtesy of two UK artists – L. Pearson and Haddon. The preview only clocks in at roughly five minutes, but it feels like a well deserved cold shower, that goes on for way longer than is probably good for the environment, after a tough workout. Listen to the Bandcamp stream below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Amxd is a collaborative project between L. Pearson and Haddon - their first work together 'Realizables' is stitched together from hours of improvisation with homemade software processing and sequencing found sounds and field recordings.
releases February 19, 2016

Price $7.22

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